Hong Kong - Macau Bridge Design Team Announced

Source of Article: http://www.nce.co.uk/sector-news/structures/hong-kong-macau-bridge-design-team-announced/1995155.article

Posted by Jessica Rowson

Arup, in joint venture with Highway & Planning Design Institute (Beijing), COWI, First Harbour and Shanghai Tunnel have been appointed to carry out the preliminary design of the main section of the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge: a 38km fixed crossing in the South China Sea, linking the three cities.

The 29.6km main section is in Zhuhai waters and comprises 22.8km of bridges, including three cable-stayed bridges spanning from 280m to 460m, viaducts spanning 75m and 110m, a 6km submerged tunnel and two artificial islands.

Arup’s involvement is in the design of bridges, the immersed tube tunnel and the foundation design of the artificial islands. Arup is also involved in the design of the link in Hong Kong waters comprising of viaducts and the Boundary Crossing Facilities.

Construction is planned to start in late 2009/early2010 and the bridge is to be completed by 2015. It is the first major sea-going combined bridge and tunnel project in China.